Air Assist with 1 Badger Shield+
Air Assist with 1 Badger Shield+
Air Assist with 1 Badger Shield+
Air Assist with 1 Badger Shield+

Air Assist with 1 Badger Shield+

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Air Assist Highlights:

[-] A small blower fan, magnetically attached to the fabric of a Badger Shield+

[-] Powered by a light weight battery mounted to the head band.

[-] Circulates air against the inside of the shield for defogging while bringing in fresh air through the fabric around the chin. This makes the Badger Shield+ more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time by keeping the temperature around the face cooler as well as replacing expelled CO2.

[-] Was developed in partnership with Matrix Product Development, UW-Madison College of Engineering, Midwest Prototyping & UW Health.

Our Badger Shield lightweight face shields have been designed in partnership with the UW College of Engineering, UW Health, and Delve to act as cost-effective single-user protective barriers.


Badger Shield+ was developed with UW Hospital, at the request of speech therapists and interpretive services to include an SMS surgical fabric enclosure under the chin so their entire face would be visible to their clients.  The top of the cloth is cinched with an elastic band and cord lock, allowing adjustment of the shield opening by the ears for comfort.


*Badger Shield+ is not a sealed respirator system and should not take the place of an N95 or other rated mask 


Adult and Child sizes are available.


      • Current lead time on Badger Shield+ is three to four weeks.  
      • [FREE Ground SHIPPING in lower 48]  Manufactured and shipped directly from our factory in Mt. Horeb, WI, USA. Ships within 1-2 business days from order, typical delivery 3-5 business days. Expedited shipping available.
      • Optically clear and the lightweight protective face shield for single users. The cloth can be cleaned with soap and water.
      • 17.5 MIL PET plastic lens with anti-fog coating, elastic headband (not made with latex), soft foam forehead pad.
      • Adult: One size, 13'' x 9'' lens, 1" x 11" foam forehead pad, 1" x 13.5" elastic band. (Elastic style or color may vary depending on availability)
      • Youth: One size, 11”x8.25” lens, 1”x10” foam forehead pad, 1”x13” elastic band
      • Each piece is hand-assembled. Made in the USA.
      • Disclaimer and Authorization for use
      • Sizes and Additional Information

Fogging: Despite being treated for anti-fog prior to shipping the Badger Shield+ is prone to fogging due to its enclosed design.  We recommend treating it periodically with anti-fog spray or wipes.  We offer a non-toxic, premium anti-fog product that is safe to use on Badger Shield+, eye glasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, and safety glasses.  You can find that product here.  For DIY anti-fog spray please find the instructions here.